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We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our professional services for Tree Felling and Gardening maintenance are carefully designed to insure the best possible results for your investment. From tree and garden maintenance to roadside mowing, Ed and Stan Tree Felling offers complete management and maintenance of your site.

What We Do

Residential Tree Maintenance Services

  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Planting
  • Land Clearing Services
  • Tree Removals
  • Tree Survey and Health Check

Gardening Maintenance Services

  • Mowing Services and Lawn Care.
  • Tree Maintenance Services
  • Gardening Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Branch Removal

Get the perfect prunning

Pruning transforms your property. Useable space, increased light, and a new view can all be achieved with successful pruning. Specific knowledge is essential when pruning to allow the continued growth and success of your tree. Ed and Stan Tree Felling have the expert knowledge and experience to ensure the best continued success of your trees.

Instant Lawn

Our instant lawn; Kikuyu and LM being most popular, are of high quality and we pride ourselves with farmers that take care and grow top quality lawn – our grass is becoming a well-known and highly sort after.

We have the machinery to clear any land.

Our land clearance services include tree felling and removal, onsite mulching using tractors, stump removal and large scale land conversion. We have proven experience clearing difficult access sites as well as felling using machinery. We can clear any site and have the resources to purchase any specialist equipment as and when required.

Featured Works

Our Skillset

  • 100%

    Tree Felling

  • 92%

    Garderning Service

  • 90%

    Instant Lawn

  • 93%

    Rubble Removal


Removing the lower branches of a shrub or tree, for example, creates light and space for under planting and can also reveal other features in your garden. Proper technique is essential. Our is skilled in the latest tree care techniques; they know how to use the correct pruning cuts to avoid damage to your trees.


Ed & Stan Tree Felling holds the safety of its workforce in highest regard. Safety is an integral part of our culture and drives our processes. We expect our staff, sub-contractors and clients to operate safely at all times, even when at home.

Hedge Trimming

Start shaping the hedge as soon as practical. A formal hedge, whether new or established, should be tapered so that it is wider at the bottom than the top. This ensures the lower part will get the sunlight it needs for healthy growth.

Our Clients